See majestic icebergs as you traverse the best hiking trails in Twillingate, Newfoundland

The John Cabot Discovery Community

Experience the beauty and serenity of Newfoundland at Ocean Cliff Trails! Some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the entire world. You’ll find truly breathtaking views and wild untamed nature to explore. 

Parents leading your little one by the hand, we’ve got a trail for you!

Seniors, there’s a trail for you!

Handicapped hikers, we’ve got a trail for you too!

For the Experienced Hiker we’ve narrow cliff side paths for you to explore.

For the Daring hiker we’ve got challenging hilly terrain with uncharted paths for you to navigate with your GPS unit and obstacles rope ascents and descents.

We don’t take a one size fits all approach. A trail that’s made to accommodate everyone will satisfy no one.



One day’s exposure to mountains is better than cartloads of books.  See how willingly Nature poses herself upon photographers’ plates.  No earthly chemicals are so sensitive as those of the human soul

John Muir

Where The Ocean and High Rock of Ages Cliffs Meet

Ocean Cliff Trails takes you through some of the most rugged and interesting terrain in the entire world.

A visitor summarized the feeling that touched their soul with these words. 

Rock of ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee

A truly New Found Land.


The Best Place to See Icebergs

Ocean Cliff Trails is the front row seat to the majestic parade of icebergs that flow gracefully from Greenland by the Labrador Current until they reach the shores of the John Cabot Discovery Community.

Ocean Cliff Trails is the best place in the world to see icebergs, during the spring and summer months.


The World’s
Creative Retreat Community

John Cabot Discovery Retreat Community for Hikers, Artists and Writers.

For other like minded seasonal or annual residents

One writer and photographer built a home here in 2011 and chose to devote his lifetime creativity to this community as did Ansel Adams’ relationship to Yosemite.


The Wildlife

See a mighty humpback whale breaching! An arctic fox will scamper into view or spot a Tern swooping to catch a fish or a majestic eagle. 

The Titanic is Part of Our History

The Titanic sank just 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and the SOS they sent was received by the our light house. For a little piece of history check out the display at the Long Point Light House.

Thank you Greenland

After months or even years the huge blocks of ice that are calved in Greenland are picked up by the Labrador current. The raw unattractive chunks of ice are morphed by wind, rain and slapping waves until their beautiful unique character is revealed and they become the magnificent icebergs that grace our shores. 

Their glorious journey comes to a close as they melt and dissolve into the atlantic that surrounds our island. The perfect vantage point to take in their ephemeral beauty is from the trails of Ocean Cliff Trails. 

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