Ocean Cliff Trails


Cliff Hanger Trail

Our most difficult trail

Warning this trail is wild and challenging and only for experience hikers, requires, jumping, rope assents and descents.

Minimum age is same as entering the military or age 17 minimum (carded by Trail Ranger), requires liability release, and cell phone for calling rescue. 

– Must check out be off of this trail at the Pinnacle parking lot one half hour before sunset. 

Suggest Waterproof grip soled shoes, one area has wet spots, one area requires a small jump across to adjoining trail. Some areas walking on narrow ledges, with side way walking. These are intentionally not groomed trails 

This is our most difficult trail. And highest risk, Only experienced hikers who are ready for a thrilling experience. Can be 4 to 5 hours from start to finish. Trail head will start at the Pinnacle Parking lot, and the trail ends at same point as the start, cars required to use Pinnacle Parking lot. Not recommend for under military Age 18, This trail should not be used after one hour before sunset, If you require rescue phone the number on your receipt, rescuers will request your longitude and latitude. 

There are some nice ocean views, and Artists and Photographers unless experienced as above outlined are not permitted on this trail without a guide. Arrange guide day before by phoning (709) 884 8684. 


Cliffering Similar to Mountaineering, except requires is up and down cliffs different equipment, and skill level, required, Bring your own climbing rope for ascending and descending as this will be required 

We have arranged to provide a day license to use the trails and facilities and services of multiple land owners. Please keep that license with you at all times. And receipt for price paid to keep trails clean and monitor their use, but need help others by your taking out with you what you bring in. 

Pre-sign in number of those in your party, time in and check time out, with time elapsed so we can recognize those with the fastest times. 




Whale Watch Trail

This is our second most challenging wild trail, with one area a challenge to climb. Length meters Time Estimate =

Warning This a difficult trail, The trail descends steeply to the Pioneer Fishing village and can be treacherous. This trail is difficult and requires hiker with endurance, and experience. The trail includes the site of the Old Fishing Village, and requires traversing the side of a cliff on an extremely narrow trail, some side ways walking and extremely steep. Suggest keeping a cell phone in event of injury. 

This trail requires use of a high altitude wooden Stairs. Walking up and down a steep stairway that can be slippery and all areas requires balance and agility, requires a leap to enter from the top. 




Iceberg Trail

Length:   km

Time Estimate: 

(note dennis this is same as trail 3 but excludes fishing village and Stairway, trail goes past big rock near Pinnacle road, then to new tier road then north to intersect trail at ocean, then turns west to lower head point to its end point, then returns back to east then west to end of lower head, and back lower head rail past the cabin).

This is our next easiest trail, and covers new areas that have not been used as trails previously. This is a pleasant trail following close to the ocean and trails through a tunnel of trees. great Iceberg view (when Icebergs and when Whales are present and Eagles flying overhead to nest at an offshore island in view). When Icebergs are moving toward us from Greenland, can be viewed from these trails, first before the tides and winds move them to the east or west.

The Iceberg that sunk the Titanic would have been to the North of this trail. We can often see the Icebergs on the North horizon 2 days before they are near the shore on the ocean front trail. 





Copper Mine trail

Length: Km

Time Estimate:

(dennis this is what we called nanny s hole which starts at Pinnacle road and goes to nanny s hole and turns around and comes back on a different trail as there are parallel to Pinnacle road parking lot.) This entire trail after the first climb which is steep, has some of the best views in Newfoundland once on the top of the ocean cliff. 

Other than our Handicapped walker trail this is our easiest trail. The most difficult part of the trail is only a short walk up an incline, and down same incline on return. 

This trail walks over what were the copper mine tunnels and the views at it lower level by the beach are the location of the ship docks, where ships loaded copper ore. One of those ships sank at its dock. One 

ship load was never paid for and only one of three ship loads was ever paid for. 

The round gravel area at the bottom of the trail as it winds its way up or down from the cliff is the location of the old Bull Pen, and near the pioneer fish dock. Also near at an upper ridge the building (no longer there), for the first wooden boat building shops. The upper trail to the West, has a cave at the ocean water line, and is 

the basis for a romantic story. 

This is an easier trail we have reserved for Senior Citizens and others who just want an easy walk. This is our easiest trail 

Caution the trail nearest ocean to its side is steep. There is a rock slide possible if you are walking on gravel that slopes to cliff that slopes to the cliff edge with a straight drop to the ocean. 


The Story of Copper Mine Trail The workers in the copper mines were indentured servants brought by ship from Ireland and Irish citizens. They worked in the mine 6 months and then returned home, except one young man in his teens had walked into town and fell in love with a lovely young lady, when the ship returned to return him to Ireland, he hid out in a cave (Now renamed Jenkins Cave) at the water line below the cliff. The ship having a potential deserter a serious punishment would be jail if caught violating the indenture contract. The transport ship searched three days and gave up and returned to Ireland. 

The young man left the cave when the ship was a speck on the horizon. Now he was nearly starved, and alone, and unable to ever return to his homeland, yet free at last. 

He walked back into Twillingate to marry his sweet heart. 

he change his name to Jenkins, and now that family now has over 100 descendants. And Leo Jenkins and others were the owners of some of the land, we now hike on. 





Greenland Trail

A gentle relaxing stroll for everyone; including people with disabilities.

A Handicapped Trail for hikers that use crutches, canes, walkers, wheel chairs 

This is a short trail for those who can enjoy the sunshine fresh air and get some exercise, and enjoy the beauty of the scenery. 

from the parking lot to the first creek to the north, that is limited to this area for safety consideration, and going beyond this northern point would require a payment for hiking. 

Artists can have a choice of four locations of great views. Artists, or Photographer can park in the Pinnacle parking lot, Any artists who now display their paintings in a gallery can paint all day for $20.00 and Vehicle Parking in Pinnacle Parking lot