Ocean Cliff Trails

Cliff Hanger Trail



A Challenging Authentic Newfoundland Hiking Trail Experience


Length: 4.5km

Time to Complete: 3 Hours

Warning: This trail is wild and challenging. Recommended only for experienced hikers. It requires jumping, rope ascents and descents, and navigating difficult terrain.

Minimum age for entry is 17

requires liability release, and cell phone for calling rescue. 

Hiking this trail during the night is prohibited. Hiking hours are between a half hour after sun rise to a half before sunset.

This trail was designed specifically to cater to experienced hikers who are looking for a challenge. The trail head starts at the Pinnacle Parking lot and then the trail loops around and ends back at the parking lot again.

Hikers with the skill to tackle the challenge this trail offers will be well rewarded with some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Canada.

Call  (709) 884 8684 if you’d like to arrange a guide for this trail. Please give us at least one days notice so we can ensure that we have a guide available for your hike.

We suggest waterproof grip soled shoes for this trail. One area has wet spots and another area requires a jump across a small gap to the adjoining trail. Some areas require walking on narrow ledges, with side ways walking. We don’t groom these trails to ensure the experienced hiker has a challenging authentic experience.

We require all hikers to complete a simple entry form that includes their name, number of people in their party, and the time they’re entering the trail. We keep track of how long it takes for people to complete this challenging trail so we can recognize those with the fastest completion times. Keep the entry form with you at all times as it contains useful information like contact numbers for rescue personnel.

If you need help, call the rescue number on your entry form. If possible provide your GPS coordinates to your rescuer so they’ll be able to find and assist you as quickly as possible. Any typical smartphone or hand held GPS unit should be able to provide you with your current GPS location.

Cliffhanger Trail offers a truly one of kind experience that can only be found in a wild untamed authentic, Newfoundland hiking trail.