Ocean Cliff Trails

Iceberg Trail


The Perfect Vantage Point to View Icebergs


Length: 3km

Time to Complete: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

This is our next easiest trail, and covers new areas that have not been used as trails previously. This is a pleasant trail following an ocean view and is perfect for hikers who want to take in the sea air and coastal vistas Ocean Cliff Trails is known for. The trail cuts through a tunnel of trees with a dense forest canopy of green leaves and pine needles.

As the name implies, this trail is an incredible vantage point to watch the icebergs drift along the coast. We can often see the Icebergs on the north horizon 2 full days before they are near they get near the shore. All the icebergs that flow along the shores of Twillingate island pass by this trail first.

You’ll also see whales breaching off the coast and there’s an island just off shore that’s a nesting ground for eagles.

The Iceberg that sank the Titanic would have been to the North of this trail.