Ocean Cliff Trails

Old Fishing Village Trail


This is our second most challenging trail, with one particularly challenging ascent.


Length: 3km

Time to Complete: 1 Hour and 20 Minutes

Our second most challenging trail. This trail is difficult and requires a hiker with endurance and experience. The trail descends steeply to the Pioneer Fishing village and can be treacherous. Some sections of  this trail require traversing the side of a cliff on an extremely narrow path. 

This trail has many challenges that will satisfy the experienced hiker’s thirst for adventure. The terrain on this trail requires balance and agility. There’s a section of steep wooden stairs that will test even the most athletic hiker’s endurance.

Your perseverance is rewarded with an incredible view of the ocean and a perfect vantage point to watch icebergs, eagles flying overhead and whales swimming swimming off the coast. You’ll even get a little taste of Newfoundland history as you make your way through the site of an old fishing village.

We suggest bringing a cell phone so you can contact rescuers in the event of injury.